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VeMMA BodE challenge!

I was very excited to stop by the Scottsdale, AZ Vemma Power Store to pick up my very first months supply of Vemma Bode. Tomorrow I start the challenge to get my body back in shape with Vemma's Bode app on my smartphone to guide me daily...even hourly!

Getting in shape has never been more fun and so motivational. Thank you Chris and Heidi Powell for creating these amazing shakes and this entire Bode system for weight loss!


Day 25...A Great Start!

I'm 25 days in from my sign up day on the Chris Powell team and I'm psyched. There are a bunch of new customers and brand partners signed up and 4 of them are mine!

It can't be any easier to build a business based on my passion about great nutrition with Vemma based products. I don't sell...I share. I hand out product. I talk to people. If people are interested, they talk to me. If they aren't, well that's okay too.

I'm building an empire of healthy customers. And I'm making money doing this every single day. Love this business!!!


Life Changing Moment

Day 1 was today. Today was a game changer. It was the culmination of so many little steps in positive directions that have won out over the multitude of frustrating steps backwards. Today I was given the opportunity to join forces with Chris Powell's Vemma team. I grabbed it without even a thought. I mean, come on guys. This is Chris Powell, as in THEE Chris Powell. If you don't know who he is by now...Google him! So today is Day 1 of so many good days to come in building a new Vemma life for me and my 2 girls.

Here's what I love most about all my days ahead of me: I need simple things in my life to make it work, and Vemma has thought of everything and all I do is click a link and follow a few directions and in 1 week (or less) I have the beginnings of my own team, my own success is spelled out. If you can read, you can succeed. No need to create any elaborate marketing plan. The simplicity is to lean on what is proven. I love simple! This is such a pivotal day.

I'm passionate about Vemma's commitments to health and nutrition. I'm impressed with their generous compensation to their Brand Partners (that's me!). I'm inspired by the energy and loyalty of the entire leadership of this company lead by BK Boreyko, President and CEO of Vemma, and by the way he is completely accessible to anyone. Rare...and pretty darn cool.


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